Is organic eating truly healthier eating?

We live in a world where millions of human beings are understandably very conscious and selective whenever it comes to what they are consuming. Because of the easy availability of information, especially in the correlation between what we eat and our health status, many are now very cautious with what they take in through their mouths.

It is this increased awareness that has made many to focus on organic eating. In this century, organic food has become really popular and very prominent. But not everyone is convinced with the benefits of this type of lifestyle. So, in this article, we are going to examine the question that surrounds the benefits or otherwise of organic eating. The following sections of this article will do justice to this quest.

Before diving into whether organic eating is good or not, it is important to define what the concept is really all about. The concept of anything organic is a reference to the way that the agricultural or food products were grown and processed.

As for organic crops, they must be cultivated without the input of chemicals, genetically-modified substances and inorganic fertilizers. If it is organic livestock that are meant for eventual consumption as eggs or meat, then the animal must be raised in a way that they are allowed to roam freely or made to consume organic materials only. There should be no chemical injections like hormones and other similar formulations. This is, in summary, with the whole idea of organic in the food industry is all about.

So, after defining what organic is all about, the next thing to discuss is whether there is really any advantage to the consumption of these organic foods. The truth is that there are several benefits that you stand to gain from the consumption of organic foods. One is that these organic foods are richer in protective antioxidants when compared with the crops grown in the inorganic way and laden with chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and all. These antioxidants have been shown over and over to offer solid protection against many diseases from cancers to heart problems.

Apart from containing more antioxidants that contribute positively to your health status, another advantage that comes with the organic foods is that they do not contain chemicals like toxic pesticides. Because many of these pesticides have been shown to be carcinogenic (capable of causing cancers), you will be doing yourself a whole lot of good by avoiding them. Also, organic foods are not persevered with chemical preservatives so you can always be sure of getting them fresh from the farms. These are just a few of some of the reasons why millions across the globe are joining the organic movement.